Urology is the medical treatment of problems of the female urinary system and the male genitourinary tract.

We provide general and specialist urology care to patients at Harrogate Harlow Private Healthcare Service.

We perform all major surgery using minimally invasive techniques, which means less pain and fewer complications where possible. This ultimately allows for a shorter, more comfortable hospital stay for you.

Consultants in other specialities work in close liaison with the surgery team in a 24/7 consultant-led service. The team is backed-up by the availability of other on-site hospital services and amenities, including a Intensive Therapy Unit/High Dependency Unit (ITU/HDU). This is a combined high dependency and intensive care unit, providing 24 hour care to patients who require specialist or advanced medical intervention or monitoring.

Treatments & procedures

We carry out a range of inpatient urological procedures, including:

• Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)
• Urolift
• Transurethral resection of a bladder tumour (TURBT)
• Ureteroscopy and laser (stone removal)
• Cystoscopy
• Circumcision
• Scrotal procedures (hydrocele, epididymal cyst, vasectomy)

Urological cancers

We investigate and treat a wide spectrum of urological cancers, including prostate, bladder, kidney, testicular and penile. We work closely with the Clinical Oncology Team at Harrogate District Hospital and liaise with the Macmillan urology nurse specialists. We also work with the urology team based at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.


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