Health insurance

It is essential that you contact your health insurer prior to your admission to ensure that you are fully covered for the intended procedure and anticipated length of stay for treatment.

We ask that you bring your insurance policy details and a claim form to your first admission appointment. Your insurer should advise you if there are any aspects of your care plan which they will not pay for.

Please make sure that you are aware of any excess payments, exclusions or shortfalls on your policy, as you will become personally liable for these costs once treatment has been provided.

Pre-authorisation from your insurance company is required for each admission. Although our patient coordinators help during this process and contact your insurer directly, it is your responsibility to make sure authorisation is granted.

Upon admission, you will receive an Undertaking to Pay Charges form, in which you should fill in your insurer’s details as outlined in the form.

After your discharge, an invoice will be sent directly to your insurance company. A separate invoice, if necessary, will be raised for items not covered by your insurance policy and sent to you. Patient Transport Service (PTS) costs could be added to your final bill payment if required and not specifically covered under any insurance plan.

If you are prescribed any medication upon discharge, you will be billed as these are not covered by medical insurance. Please note that NHS exemption certificates are not valid for private patient prescriptions.